Small Life Update

I know, I know, it’s been about a month since I posted anything. I swear I’m still reading things and having thoughts on them, it’s just been a busy month (I moved to Kentucky and started a new internship! So good busy, but kind of crazy) and I did not anticipate things getting tough with scheduling when I was scheduling posts out in August.

On a book photo shoot for my internship, we encountered this little guy working with some lavender

I’ve just gotten around to finishing some review posts and they should be going live in the next few weeks, and then I’m gathering information on the Accelerated Reader Program used in grade schools in an attempt to write something about it.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing and seeing pictures of books I’m reading follow me on Instagram here and happy reading!

I got this guy at a flea market here in Kentucky and now they sits next to my computer at work. I call them Spiky Guy



This blog has existed in the fringes of my mind for a little over a year now. It started as a place to occasionally talk about books that I enjoyed, and was created because of my college advisor. But now, a year out of college and struggling to find communities, I’ve discovered the power of book blogs. So here it is, an official introduction with a semi-promise to post regularly, to Another Bookish Blog. I hope to continue to post about books that I really enjoyed (hopefully on a more regular basis), talk about things going on in the book world, and join the greater bookish community.

I thought that before really getting into all of that I should introduce myself. My name is Cailin, I grew up in Northwest Michigan (lower peninsula), graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Professional Writing (focused in editing and publishing), and now I’m floating around the country doing unpaid internships, because they told me this is how to get your foot in the door. I’ve always found comfort between the covers of a book, my Ma likes to tell stories about sending me to my room because I did something wrong and finding me curled up in bed with a book; or the need to find series for me to tear through because I would finish individual books so quickly.

My reading tastes range from non-fiction essay collections to magical realism, memoirs to high-fantasy. I am super into books with multiple points-of-view, essays told in the second person, and short story collections with a through-line. I look forward to joining the book blogging community and talking about bookish things.