Imagine Wanting Only This || A Book Review

Radtke’s graphic memoir Imagine Wanting Only This follows her as she becomes fascinated with ruins in college the book follows her through undergrad in Chicago, ruins in Italy and feeling alone, undergrad in Iowa City, difficult relationships, losing family members, and trying to feel at home in new places.

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Things That Are || A Book Review

This is a collection of essays, by Amy Leach,things-that-are-cover about the beauty of the natural world and how it intersects with our everyday lives. It allows the reader to look at the world around them with wonder once again. The essays look at everything from the sea cucumber, to fainting goats, to the shapes we see in the space between stars.  These essays take the reader to places deep in the ocean, on the highest mountain top, deep into space, asking the reader to take nature’s perspective from events into account. To think about how the things that we do affect nature; from assigning names to the shapes we see in the sky, to yelling at a sea cucumber, and always reminding the reader that no matter what nature needs us as much, if not more than, we need it.

“Whether people need nature or not, it was clear that nature needed people. But perhaps nature needs us like a hostage needs her captors: nature needs us not to annihilate her, not to run her over, not to cover her with cement, not to chop her down. We can hardly admire ourselves, then, when we stop to accommodate nature’s needs: we are dubious heroes who create peril and then save it’s victims, we who rescue the animals and the trees from ourselves.”

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