The Opposite of Loneliness || A Book Review

This is a collection of short stories and essays by Mthe-opposinte-of-loneliness-book-reviewsarina Keegan, an award-winning author, journalist, playwright, poet, actress, and activist who died in 2012 in a car
accident. She was a graduate of Yale, and her essay “The Opposite of Loneliness” became a global sensation. This book is a compilation of the work that she completed while at Yale and in high school and it shows true promise and it would be fair to say that the world lost a great writer in 2012.

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Milk and Honey || A Book Review

milk-and-honey-book-reviewsRupi Kaur’s book of prose poetry tells the story of heartbreak, femininity, and the power to get over every obstacle on the journey towards healing.  These poems and the illustrations that go with them say the things that are difficult to say out loud without feeling a voice break. These are the poems, the words, which are kept secret in so many hearts.

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