The Last Days of Magic | A Book Review

last days of magicIn Mark Tompkins’ first novel, he pulls together history, folklore, and myth to explain the end of magic and magic’s last fight to remain in this world. Bookended with a story set in the modern day this novel tears off into an almost believable world of goddesses, faeries, Biblical beings, and witchcraft as the Roman church fights to destroy what magic is left in the world. The story follows Aisling, one of the manifestations of the Goddess Morrígana, as she learns to control her magic, what it means to be a part of the Goddess, and how to maintain her rule over the Sidhe (members of the middle kingdom) and our world.

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Of Things Gone Astray | A Book Review

21805265This novel is a series of vignettes that follow each of the characters as the thing that they value most disappears, and they search for it. Each story intertwines with the others as they circle through London trying, sometimes desperately, to find what was lost to them.

For Mrs. Featherby, it was her wall. Cassie was left by the girl she loved most. Delia started getting lost even doing something as simple as crossing the street. Robert’s place of employment disappeared one morning. Marcus’ piano keys left his piano behind. And Jake—Jake is losing his memory of the day his mother died, and he and his father are both becoming ghosts to each other.

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